Valentine’ s Day Menu 


                             3 COURSE      £ 29,95                                                     

                   With Complimentary Aperitif  ( focaccia toscana )                                                               


  Capesante Gratinate 

 Oven-bake King Scalops with Brandy, mixed Italian herbs, lemon zest and breadcrumbs finished with extra virgin olive oil.


Vitello Tonnato

Veel thinly sliced and covered with a delicate tuna and capers sauce.                                        Served cold with crostino bread                                     

       Cestino di Avocado e Tonno   

  Homemade puff pastry basket with Avocado Guacamole,  pan-fried Tuna reduced with white wine, served with rocket salad and balsamic glaze.                             

               Risotto agli Asparagi               

 Italian Arborio risotto made with fresh asparagus, saffron and gorgonzola cheese sauce finish with parmesan shaving. 


             SECONDI PIATTI               


     Stufato di Cinghiale         

   An Italian style Wild Boar Casserole marinated in a red wine,mixed           herbs and tomato sauce finished with black olives.Served with Roast                               potatoes and mixed grilled vegetables                                                                       

       Tagliolini al Pistacchio         

Homemade tagliolini tossed with fresh Ricotta cheese, sundried tomatoes, white wine finished with grated Pistachio     


Ravioli all^ Aragosta

Homemade ravioli stuffed with fresh Lobster served in a creamy              Asparagus sauce and cherry tomatoes.                                                               

   Branzino con Crma di Zucchine     

 Pan-fried Fresh Sea Bass marinated with rosemary, garlic and white wine, served in a creamy Courgettes sauce. Served with roast potatoes and mixed grilled vegetables.                                                                          



          Pannacotta con Frutto della Passione           

         Spumone alle Fragole     

  Torta Dolce Vita


Complimentary  Homemade Limoncello...!!!

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